• 2022 Tubac Center of the Arts, Arizona Aqueous XXXV1

  • Jaya Miller

    Education ________________________________
    2007 MFA, Fiber, Cranbrook Academy of Art
    1980 BFA Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design (European Honors Program)

    Awards ________________________________
    2007 Surface Design Assoc.’s Creative Promise Award for Student Excellence
    1996 Vision/Revision, Merit Award, Loveland Museum/Gallery, Loveland, CO
    1993 Taos Open, Merit Award, Taos, NM
    1990 Que Pasa, Art in New Mexico, Best of Show, Los Alamos, NM

    Selected Exhibitions ________________________
    2021 Emergence, Untitled Gallery, Tucson, AZ
    2019 Hand Cut, (solo) Community Art Gallery, Walnut Creek Library,
    .....1644 North Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA
    2016 Japanese Tea Bowls and Cut Paper Works. Emeryville, CA
    2011 Partners Gallery, (3 Artists) Fort Bragg, CA
    2009 Pollination, (group show) Odd Fellows Hall, Mendocino, CA
    2009 Mendonesian Air, Mendocino Art Center, Residents Show, CA
    2009 Biorhythms, Mendocino Art Center, CA
    2008 The Cradle Project Exhibition, Albuquerque, NM
    2007 Mobiles, Loka Art Space, (solo) Taos, NM
    2007 Fresh, Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI
    2007 ArtWorks II, Anton Art Center, Clemons, MI
    2007 ArtWorks II, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit, MI
    2006 With What We Can Carry, Annex Art Centre, Toronto, Canada
    2006 …On Your Remark, Gallery 8542, Grand Rapids, MI
    2005 Color, Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI
    2005 Gallery House: Works of Art in a Work of Art, (RISD Alumni) Santa Fe
    2004 Taos Invites Taos, Fall Arts Festival, Taos Civic Center, NM
    2002 Taos Invites Taos, Fall Arts Festival, Taos Civic Center, NM
    2000 Taos Open, Fall Arts Festival, Taos Civic Center, NM
    1999 RISD on the Road, Rhode Island School of Design; American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA; Esther M Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA;Contract Design Center, San Francisco, CA
    1997 Indigo Summer, Rochester Folk Art Guild Gallery, Middlesex, NY
    1997 What’s in the Air: Young American Textile Artists, Kansas City Artist Coalition
    1996 Vision/Revision, Fiber in Transition, Loveland Museum, Loveland, CO
    1995 Extracts: Natural Dyes in Contemporary Fibers, Clara Hatten Gallery,
    Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
    1994 Piersol, Martin and Miller, Carlsbad Museum and Art Center, Carlsbad, NM
    1993 Southwest/Weavers, Roswell Museum, Roswell, NM
    1993 Taos Open, Spring Arts Show, Taos Community Art Gallery, NM
    1992 Tangents, Kimo Theater Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
    1992 Taos Open, Spring Arts Show, Taos Community Gallery, NM
    1990 Taos Art: A New Decade, Center for the Arts of the Southwest, Santa Fe
    1990 Que Pasa, Art in New Mexico, Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, NM

    Collections _______________________

    Maxine and Stuart Frankel, MI
    Mercedes Headquarters, Loan program, Farmington Hills, MI
    DaimlerChrysler Services, Farmington Hills, MI - Loan 2006-08
    Lloyd Cotsen, Los Angeles, CA (Commission)
    Loveland Medical Center, Albuquerque, NM
    Move Into Balance – Feldenkrais Studio, Taos, NM (Commission)